Hicks is driven by the challenge of each new assignment, and cannot be satisfied until he sees the project completed to his own satisfaction, and that of his client.

HicksSoft Synergies pledges to make good on the value proposition, delivering reasonably priced custom software solutions in a timely, thorough and professional manner.

HicksSoft has several current programming clients working as a freelance contractor. Deric Hicks, HicksSoft Principal, has a vast background working in software, from working as a civil servant for the Air Force to working with several clients internationally. He received his Associates Degree in Computer Science in May, 2006 from Gulf Coast Community College and his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Florida State University in 2010.


"HicksSoft Synergies' work is absolutely top rate, and always on schedule. I doubt my business would be anywhere near as successful without their help."
L. Stillard
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I have always found HicksSoft Synergies to be prompt and professional. They solve problems with a minimum of distraction and are always quick at offering the best options. I would recommend HicksSoft for any project, large or small."
T. Stubinski
Ontario, Canada