Stillard Enterprises 


Worked on a transaction application back-end that handles requests from the website, processes them by requesting information from other websites using credit card information and other details, then gives a result back to the main webpage, saying whether a given transaction was approved or not, if not why it failed, etc. The client was written in C/C++ and runs on a Linux box.

Med-Eng Systems 

Though classified in a manner of speaking, HicksSoft created a website to handle and maintain a database of contacts and allow editing based on individual user permissions, in addition to adding and removing contacts. Also maintain an automated system of handling file uploading for information pertaining to individual contacts, full user management system (passwords, secure sessions, permissions, password resets, etc.), and extensibility for managers to change information that other users see at any given time.

Iron Realms Entertainment 


Created a website to automatically cycle through all files of a specific file type on an FTP server and go through the contents of each file, then update a database with the contents of that file and present the database to users in order to allow searching, editing, deleting, etc. Also work on a game currently being made as a coder, with a proprietary language known as RPL, or Rapture Programming Language.

Art Link Graphics 


Created administrative section for multiple projects and multiple clients, allowing those clients to login and add action items to existing projects and say what they want done for their websites. Includes an auto-emailing feature when they change one of the action items or add a new one, so the site administrator is always aware of new requests or changes to old requests that are made, and can talk to the client directly if needed.

eMarryMe Marriage Agency 

Website: is a website dedicated to helping others find true love and marriage. HicksSoft Synergies performed all of the programming work for the website, from user creation and form validation to minor programmatical graphics changes, profile support, uploading facilities and a full administrative area with reports for the site administrator to get critical stats for their website.


"HicksSoft Synergies' work is absolutely top rate, and always on schedule. I doubt my business would be anywhere near as successful without their help."
L. Stillard
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I have always found HicksSoft Synergies to be prompt and professional. They solve problems with a minimum of distraction and are always quick at offering the best options. I would recommend HicksSoft for any project, large or small."
T. Stubinski
Ontario, Canada